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Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Above The Chest and Below The Knees

Duration and pricing varies

Gentle, thorough, efficient.

Above The Chest

brow shaping $20

upper lip $10-20

chin $15-25

ears $15

nostrils $15

underarms $25-40

Below The Knees

lower legs $35-50

I work toward making waxing as quick and comfortable as possible.

  • Tweezing may also be used to ensure all hairs are removed from the area being addressed.

  • Please allow three weeks growth prior to your appointment, and keep in mind that hormone fluctuations, recent exposure to allergens, alcohol and caffeine tend to increase skin sensitivity.

  • You may experience a histamine reaction from waxing, ranging from slight redness to localized itching or discomfort to raised, sometimes painful welts that can last anywhere from 30 minutes to a day.

  • Use of certain medications, medical therapeutics and skin treatments can cause skin to thin and weaken and waxing is not recommended.

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