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We have a gentle, nourishing approach to healthy, beautiful skin.

Products specifically suited to your skin’s current needs are used to support our hands-on work, enhancing the cleansing, smoothing, and brightening effects of your custom treatment.

Various massage techniques and modalities are utilized on the face, neck, shoulders, and upper chest to move lymph fluid, release fascia adhesions, increase hydration and circulation, tone and relax muscles, reduce inflammation, minimize congestion, and address underlying tension, all of which can manifest as tightness, tenderness, lines, and pigmentation.

The end result is a soft, glowing complexion and a more calm, relaxed nervous system.


75 MIN, $150

A complete luxury facial with an accent on pampering and respite. Come as you are and float out the door a lighter, brighter version of yourself. A thorough cleansing followed by a first-level exfoliation to prep the skin, extractions, targeted treatments to meet the objectives of your visit which could include a peel, high frequency, or multitasking, interspersed with massage and finishing products all selected to suit your skin's needs on the day of your appointment. Layer upon delicious layer of goodness.


60 MIN, $120

Perfect for a first-time treatment, regular maintenance or an on-going series. Everything you'll need to attain a fresh, beautiful glow. A thorough cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, massage, mask and finishing products all selected to suit your skin's needs on the day of your appointment.


30 MIN, $75

Get down to business and hit refresh. Just the face, no need to undress. Just sit back and relax. Great for teens and people on the go. A thorough cleansing, exfoliation, light extractions, and finishing products all selected to suit your skin's needs on the day of your appointment.


90 MIN, $210

Deluxe Facial with specialized massage to address stress, tension, headache and build-up of toxins. Kindness and nurturance, right where it counts. A thorough cleansing followed by exfoliation the pressure point massage and techniques with warm and cool implements. Next a soothing mask is applied to the face and scalp massage is performed. Finishing products are layered on to send you off feeling cared for.


30 MIN, $40

Enhance any facial with LED light therapy: FDA cleared Celluma technology promotes deep healing, reduces inflammation and accelerates the replenishment of key components of the skin's natural defense system.



A focus on removing unwanted facial hair. Gentle, thorough, efficient. 


  • All treatments are customized to your specific needs.

  • You will be asked to complete a questionnaire prior to your appointment so we can get a sense of what’s going on with your skin and your current skincare goals.

  • We will have a brief consultation at the beginning of your session to address any questions and agree on your treatment(s).

  • During your session, I will note observations and details of protocols used.

  • Afterward, we will determine the best course of action and any next steps.

  • You will receive post-care instructions to maintain the results of your treatments and avoid negative reactions.

  • Client records will be maintained to track history and progress.

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