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Welcome Jenny Zarate!

We couldn't be happier to share that local esthetician Jenny Zarate has joined Coastside Esthetics.

Jenny is a devoted skincare professional, passionate about educating her clients and helping them to achieve excellent results in addressing their individual skincare challenges. She is continually learning about the latest findings and technology of the industry which empowers her to address her clients' needs effectively and keeps them coming back time and time again.

As Jenny puts it, “Throughout my earlier years, I had acne and post acne discoloration, which left me feeling insecure and often unwilling to speak my mind, lest someone look at my face. I began searching relentlessly for a ‘cure,’ a treatment or product which would solve all my problems. What I found instead, from my education, research and hands on experience, was a body of information that — combined with superior skin care products and habits — was able to transform my skin and give me the confidence I desired.” Jenny finds great joy in sharing the expertise she has developed and the knowledge and skill she's gained along the way. Having her join us is an absolute dream come true -- Jenny has been my esthetician for the past five years and there's no-one I'd rather share this space with.

Jenny will operate her business at Coastside Esthetics independently, offering her full range of products and services. You can check out her website here: On why she joined Coastside Esthetics Jenny indicated “I like that it is a roomy, bright space with lots of potential for creative growth. The focus on community and education is exciting! My expertise and desire to teach are going to shine here.” We are thrilled Jenny has joined us to share her 10 years of experience in esthetics and bolster the credibility of our skincare studio.

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